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Start by marking “The Good Muslim” as Want to Read: From prizewinning Bangladeshi novelist Tahmima Anam comes her deeply moving second novel about the rise of Islamic radicalism in Bangladesh, seen through the intimate lens of a family. Tahmima Anam was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh in.
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Born: Dhaka, Bangladesh. Publishers: Canongate Books Ltd.

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Biography Tahmima Anam is the author of the Bengal Trilogy, which chronicles three generations of the Haque family from the Bangladesh war of independence to the present day. She lives in Hackney, east London, with her husband, the musician and inventor Roland Lamb. Critical perspective Bibliography Awards. Dr Tom Wright, Bibliography Awards Related blog posts:. Related projects:. The war with Pakistan, then West Pakistan, that led to the formation of Bangladesh as a sovereign nation, was a traumatic experience that played havoc with the lives of many in the newly-formed country.

During the last days of the war Sohail found, in an abandoned house, a woman whose story still haunts him and, perhaps, has a vital role in his transformation. The novel, triggered off by the cataclysmic events during the struggle and the way these events transformed individual minds afterwards, is important in many ways. The novel has been written not by someone who was a witness to what happened.

The Good Muslim by Thamima Anam

I prefer to ask people who were there about their experiences. Transnational Literature Vol. This lends a sense of detachment to the depiction of truth. Their approaches towards life and duty run along lines that do not seem to converge. She hits out at the religiosity that regards rituals and duties defined and dictated by it as more important than compassion and emotional attachment.

The Good Muslim (2011) – Tahmima ANAM

On the contrary, Sohail needs refuge in the certitude of a faith in order to seek redemption for the savagery he has been a witness to as well as the savagery he, too, has perpetrated. His faith enables him to cope with the turmoil in his psyche. Anam has successfully handled a grim theme with consummate skill. The novel is full of strong emotional undercurrents and intense passions. At times, it is too real and looks like a memoir rather than work of fiction.

(DOC) Ideological Conflict in Tahmima Anam's The Good monsstatadbar.tk | Dr Shamenaz - monsstatadbar.tk

It also offers a case study of one who has turned into a fundamentalist, or allegedly so, which is significant especially at a time when the world has been witnessing a rise in fundamentalism of various hues in many countries doomed to be war zones. A must read. Related Papers.

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  7. By Dr Shamenaz. Tahmima Anam. In the dying days of a brutal civil war, Sohail Haque stumbles upon an abandoned building. Inside, he finds a young woman whose story will haunt him for a lifetime to come. While Maya has stuck to her revolutionary ideals, Sohail has shunned his old life to become a charismatic religious leader.