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monsstatadbar.tk: The Declaration (): Gemma Malley: Books. out of 5 stars customer reviews. Book 1 of 3 in the Declaration Series.
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However, there is still a shred of humanity in Anna — can it be truly wiped away? There is a great dichotomy that is the heart of the problem: even though what she writes is basic repetitious propaganda, she the very fact that she writes and keeps the diary goes against what she is writing about. In that sense, there was deep down, a seed that needed only some water in order to grow: and that came from Peter.

Peter was a rather one-dimensional character, too good to be true and unwavering in his dedication to Anna — or to his idea of Anna. I thought it was bit unbelievable that he got himself sent to Grange Hall on purpose because he dreamt about having a friend. On the same note, the villain, Mrs Pincet was so Evil and Devious as to be almost boring.

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I was glad to see a sign that there was more to her but that came far too late. AND saw the twist coming from a mile away. The character that stood out the most for me was Sheila. The girl who was born a Legal and by a mistake, was stripped of her status and sent to Grange Hall. Her arc was chilling and very well done. Thea: As with the plotting and worldbuilding, I found the main characters of The Declaration to be just as well-written.

Anna, the sometimes narrator and protagonist of the story, begins The Declaration as the best Surplus in Grange Hall. Prisoners that become so used to their cells, they do not feel safe in the outside world; slaves who have been told they are worthless for so long come to believe they are less than their masters. I liked that Anna was resistant to the idea of change, and though I do appreciate that ultimately she did come around to believing in Peter and in herself , even if it was a bit hasty a transformation for my tastes.

Still, even when Anna believes that she might be able to find her family and live on the outside a full life, her narrative is tinged with self doubt and believable reluctance. The relationship between these two characters might be predictable of course they fall in love , and again a bit rushed for my tastes, but it still worked even if it lacked the emotional subtleties I so desperately wanted.

The other characters varied in their effectiveness. A girl who has insisted since being brought to Grange that she is a Legal, that her parents Opted Out of the Declaration , her transformation is a chilling one and probably one of the best written in the book. Then of course, there are the villain characters — in particular, Mrs. Ana: The Declaration is not quite what I hoped it would be — it may well be that, because I am not that keen on dystopian novels, it did not engage me completely.

Still, The Declaration is a pretty good book overall, and with a kick-ass ending. It almost makes me want to read the sequel. Thea: The Declaration has its considerable strengths, as well as unforgettable weaknesses. But the overall effect, in my opinion, was a positive one. Yes, the writing was prosaic and strained at times, but the ideas and the depth of Ms. They caught me early, though, which bodes well. We call her House Matron.

Grange Hall is where I live. Not like Mrs Pincent does. Legal people generally have at least two names, sometimes more. Not me, though. One is quite enough.

I hate my parents. None of us knows anything about our parents any more. None of the girls or boys here has more than one name. Not the most important thing, of course — having one name is really just a detail. But that made her really angry and she hit me hard across the head and took me off hot meals for a whole week.

As if she could be related to me. Surplus to requirements. Surplus to capacity. The year is Having escaped the horrors of Grange Hall, Peter and Anna are living freely on the Outside, trying hard to lead normal lives, but unable to leave the terror of the Declaration—and their experiences as surpluses—completely behind them. Ana Grilo is a Brazilian who moved to the UK because of the weather. No, seriously. Great review! I love your honesty. The world-building and plot sound really intriguing.

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Sounds pretty brutal. I agree with you both completely—great world building, great main character, clumsy diary entries and info-dump.

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I thought of this as a dystopia-with-training-wheels—something to introduce teens to the genre. It reminds me a bit of A Scanner Darkly the movie. I agree with the criticisms of the writing. I remember it as being excellent. I could not have stopped reading it. It makes you think about the future. It worth it!!! This is a very interesting story and sad to! I loved it and enjoyed as well! This is such an inspirational story for me because when I grow I would also like to be an awesome author just like you!!

So everyone go out there and be amazing! I read this book a number of years ago I believe I was 13 or 14 years old , and I also read the sequel. I recently read it again for an english assignment, and reviewed my thoughts on it when I was 14 compared to what I think of it now.

Joint Review: The Declaration by Gemma Malley

Now, I find that I would have like a little more pizaz throughout the beginning of the novel. But I still enjoyed it the second time around. Pincent was a little too robotic. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Not just to your wall or computer or notebook, but to an actual person or institution. But tell them and tell them now. Do it with pride and boldness. Write about it, tweet it about, record a video if you want. The more outrageous it is, the more likely you are to believe.

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