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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 'The Apothecary's Chest: Magic, Art & Medication' was a one-day symposium held at the University of Glasgow on November 24,
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The only hope for those who escaped the dread disease was prayer or pilgrimage. While leprosy Lepers were obliged to live outside a town or village and to carry a bell to warn people of their approach. Sufferers from St. As the disease, caused by the ingestion of tainted rye, progressed, the bright red extremities—hands, feet. There were many Antonine hospitals to which patients flocked These hospitals, dedicated to Saint Anthony Abbot Amputations of the affected limbs were also performed.

Many people died of much less dramatic diseases. Women often died in childbirth or succumbed to postpartum infections. Children frequently did not live into adulthood. Laborers must have had multiple problems, such as accidents, osteoarthritis, and fractures. Kidney disease, dental problems, hemorrhoids, and heart disease would have been common. Battle-related injuries were frequent and often fatal.

The most important exemplar for any healer was Jesus himself. The Gospels recount that Jesus healed the blind, caused the paralyzed to walk, cast out devils from the possessed, healed a woman with an issue of blood, and even raised the dead. The healing touch was appropriated by English and French kings, and many miraculous cures were attributed to the royal laying-on of hands.

Prayers to Christ, the Virgin, and saints were always considered the most efficacious form of help. Saint Margaret was invoked for help in childbirth Pilgrimage to a shrine might also lead to miraculous healing.

Often these sites and the relics they displayed were related to specific diseases and to specific saints. Objects associated with the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket attest to the importance of Canterbury as a pilgrimage site where many sick people received miraculous cures.

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Canterbury seems to have been a particularly important pilgrimage destination for people suffering from bleeding disorders—perhaps because of the blood shed by Thomas at his martyrdom Pilgrims arriving at their destination would be able to touch the relics and even carry home with them secondary relics—perhaps a piece of cloth that had been applied to a reliquary, or an ampulla of liquid that had been poured over a tomb These secondary relics could then be used to heal those who were too ill to make the journey.

Ultimately, the power of faith was potent medicine for the sick in the Middle Ages.

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Further Reading Bagnoli, Martina, et al. Grieve, Maud. A Modern Herbal. It is about living wide-awake with an open heart, steers away from demonizing and into designing- as in, intentional design. Shiloh McCloud is an exquisite artist, a great teacher, and a healer.

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In four hours she was able to heal 40 years of emotional wounding that kept me from painting. Her process is amazing. She draws out the spirit within and guides you in expressing your inner most knowing. Since studying with her I have painted on a regular basis and much to my surprise my work has been exhibited purchased, understood and enjoyed by others.

The time you spend with Shiloh is worth every minute of it. Do yourself a favor and pick up that paintbrush. Painting has opened up the access to my soul, and all that has been trapped underground is now rising. I can tell you that as someone who once studied art more formally, more academically, I learned more from you in a shorter period of time than I did in 5 years of college.

Artists, Founders, Innovators who have worked with Shiloh Sophia. The designs on the cloth will always represent a cherished ideal, favored celebration or gives honor to respected animals. The symbols were determined by the shaman and used in shamanic healing rituals. Marrapinti by Austraiian artist Naata Nungurrayi. Her work hints at sacred women's ceremonial sites, their dancing, and the designs on their bodies - Modern but based on ancient ideas.

This folio opens the gospel of St. We have always been a painting people. Challenging times require extraordinary measures. We will show you. Is this for you? Of course. Intentional Creativity informs everyone. If you have been wanting to know what Intentional Creativity is really all about, this is it. If you are a seasoned creative working with Intentional Creativity, or an artist,.

Painting as medicine isn't new. From the indigenous art making around the world, to early modern Rome, to now, people have been painting as medicine, see more at the very bottom, wait for it Tragedies to Remedies. Transform your Wounds into Wonders. Let's curate our own consciousness, if we don't, who will?

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What stories will we tell about our lives and journeys? What will future generations find about the stories we tell with our art? Australia, Gwion Gwion Tassel Bradshaw figures wearing ornate costumes, 40 years old. These Prehistoric cave paintings from 12, years ago in Ennedi Plateau, Tschad in the Sahara Desert invite us to ponder who we are, and what stories we tell. Through exploring the art of ancient and not so ancient art, and how they are used to tell stories through symbol, we 'narrate' part of our healing journey through image , as text onto our bottles, books in our apothecary.

Pictographs show us how to distill important information into condensed symbols IN , the Intentional Creativity Foundation conducted research within our community and those of other intuitive artist circles. Here is what we found:. By working with the idea of the 'canvas' as your apothecary, you will create an expressionistic intuitive medicine painting - moving ideas and energies into physical domain.

Why this? Because many of us need pathways to healing that are innovative, because we have already tried so many things! And because the state of our inner world and outer world are changing so much, we need tools to help us with resiliency. Why, just look at the news — we need to gather ourselves together and create magic! The ideas behind this work, are my deepest heart medicine.

I am here to serve, and this is my ministry. Sue Hoya Sellars. Photo from Apothecary Online Class, Medicine Painting. Thank you! I am SO grateful for this process. The painting that I am working on is the first painting I have done since I am in awe of the depth that I moved into, the awareness that so much is going on simultaneously in my life and that this is just what I need to be doing for a whole variety of reasons. Thank you Shiloh! Thank you Jonathan!

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Thank you team that has worked tirelessly in the background. Thank you all in the Apothecary team for creating this course. The structure gave me a space to I to feel into the voices from my youth. I experienced a sweet peace when I painted the broken heart and put the swords in ,like I had really touched the heart of those times and there was a letting go. I would like to claim that I Am Here!

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I've always been aware of the spiritual world but never knew about the spiritual and cosmic identity that we the living have in the world. This course has helped me that I am spirit and connected to all energy and as spirit can expand and extend outside of my physical limitations! I can be as big as I envision myself to be and that I can no longer fit in that small space I've lived in for so long! I am grateful to you all for this experience! I am relaxing into a new rhythm and not fighting the flow of time. I am discovering new possibilities for restructuring what I do from home rather than outside.

So claiming My Thyme has become a true balm for my body and spirit as I adjust to this new phase of life.