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By late April, the new ironclads USRC E. A. Stevens and USS Galena had also joined the.
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American Civil War: Battle of Hampton Roads

Library of Congress. Monitor vs. Civil War.

Peninsula Campaign. March 8 — 9, Battle Facts. John L. Franklin Buchanan. Forces Engaged. Total Estimated Casualties. Battle Map.

Battle Of Hampton Roads

Battle of Hampton Roads. Animated Map. The Civil War Animated Map. Fort Monroe. Explore Hampton Roads. Quick Facts. Join t Fight. Military Units. Abraham Lincoln.

Battle Of Hampton Roads

Photography in the Civil War. Battlefield Archaeology. Soldier Life. Women in War.

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Following the Confederate withdrawal from their Yorktown position, Maj. About this Product.

On 9 March the world's first battle between two ironclad warships took place in the confined waters of Hampton Roads, Virginia. When she re-emerged from Norfolk to complete the destruction of the Union blockading squadron the USS Monitor steamed out to meet her. The four-hour duel that ensued was a stalemate, but crucially the Virginia had failed to break the Northern blockade of the Southern ports.

Nevertheless, in a single battle these two vessels rendered wooden warships obsolete and transformed the face of naval warfare forever. Biographical Note.

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  • USS Merrimack Rechristened the CSS Virginia.
  • The Brontes: A Documentary Volume (Dictionary of Literary Biography).

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