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Learn to Use Nanoscale Materials to Design Novel Biomedical Devices and Applications Discover how to take full advantage of nanoscale materials in the.
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Torring, T.

Materials for Biomedical Engineering: Organic Micro and Nanostructures - 1st Edition

Singlet oxygen in DNA nanotechnology. Chen, Y. DNA nanotechnology from the test tube to the cell. Chao, J. Hetero-assembly of gold nanoparticles on a DNA origami template. China Chem.

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Self–Assembled Peptide Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications: Advantages and Challenges

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Recent Patents on Electrospun Biomedical Nanostructures: An Overview

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Mechanism of scavenging action of N-acetylcysteine for the OH radical: a quantum computational study. B , — Ponnuswamy, N. Oligolysine-based coating protects DNA nanostructures from low-salt denaturation and nuclease degradation. Elbaz, J. Genetic encoding of DNA nanostructures and their self-assembly in living bacteria.

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  • Praetorius, F. Biotechnological mass production of DNA origami. Nature , 84—87 Download references. The authors thank J. Jeffery and A. Weichmann for help with the small-animal imaging studies. The authors are grateful for insightful input from B.

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